The people living in rural Burundi want a bright future; and they are not only hungry for food but for knowledge. There are many children in rural areas of Burundi who are not in school. There are many reasons for that, poverty itself forces families to put children to work or into other situations because they cannot afford to keep them at home and in school. In addition, some social customs deny education to girls, and children who are orphaned are almost always placed in situations that reduce their chances for education. Keeping children in school is important not only to the children, but to the rest of the community, and to the nation as well.  

Dreaming for Change is committed to helping the children, young teenagers and young adults in remote areas to fulfill their basic rights to the level of education that will help them build a bright future since education leads to economic growth, social and political stability. 


To build an early childhood development center

The center will improve the quality of rural early education for the children aged between 3-6 years from 9 villages of Butanuka zone. To create a safe, trusted learning environment, the center will be equiped with latrines, computers, libraries and best learning materials for children.

Mobile computer literacy program

This program doesn't only target the youths, it also targets teachers. The mobile ICT program will reach many people in rural Burundi who have never seen or touched a computer. These ICT skills will empower teachers and learners, promote change and foster the development of ‘21st century skills.

To construct a vocational training center

Vocational and entrepreneurial training for young people from disadvantaged families will improve learning environment and promote youth employability.

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