Jacqueline and Her Children

Jacqueline and Her Children

On a recent visit to the feeding center in Butanuka, Janvier Manirakiza, director of Dreaming for Change, spoke with Jacqueline Harerimana, the mother of six children. Three years ago Jacqueline gave birth to triplets; one of the babies died from malnutrition. Due to her own hunger, which she describes as her “empty stomach,” she was unable to breastfeed her babies. 

Jacqueline’s husband is disabled and therefore unable to do any physical work. This family, like many in their village, suffer from limited availability of food, lack of quality educational opportunities, poverty, and malnutrition. Sometimes Jacqueline’s children cry from hunger during the night and there is little she can do to comfort them. In fact, Jacqueline has sometimes thinks of suicide, but looking at her children, she only cries. 

When she learned of the Dreaming for Change feeding center in Butanuka, Jacqueline brought her three youngest children, ages three and four, to the center: two girls named Tuyizere Chanceline and Uwimana Raissa and a little boy named Irabaruta Chritophe. Now they come regularly and Jacqueline receives a cup of porridge for each of the children. Since eating the nutritional food, her children have begun developing well. She says, “The results are really beautiful; it’s been a great success.”

Jacqueline hopes to participate in the business training provided by Dreaming for Change so she can start her own business and continue to feed her children and her husband.

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