Identity and core values

We are a child-centered and community development organization focused on serving disadvantaged children, families
and communities, to make vital changes that tackle the root causes of poverty, illness, injustice and gender inequality.
In whatever we do, we are driven by the right-based approach strategy of development and
the value that it is possible for the poorest to live a life of dignity.

Our Mission

Dreaming for Change’s mission is to promote human dignity and social development through access to education,
health care, entrepreneurship, food security, clean water and protection services to help children,
families and communities achieve a positive transformation.

Our vision is to build healthy, peaceful and educated
communities in Burundi.

Our Values

Across all of our work, we purse several core values


We act consistently with Dreaming for Change’s mission, being accountable, honest and transparent in what we do and say


We work together to provide our services to the most vulnerable people in an effective way


Dreaming for Change serves the needy without regards to gender, religion, race and geography. We seek to work in a diverse and inclusive environment


D4C seeks to establish a strong community engagement to ensure participation in all activities. We place communities at the center of our development activities;