We are supporting the holistic development and learning of young children.

The goal of this program is to ensure that all children are intellectually stimulated, healthy and safe, while their families and communities are empowered with the right tools to nurture and protect them. The total of 147 students received free, high-quality Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) at D4C’s community center in Butanuka. We targeted children of 6 years and under who are experiencing or at high risk of developmental delays.

we invest in teachers training

The virtual teacher training connect current and prospective early childhood teachers from Butanuka with faculty at Appalachian State University’s College of Education in Boone, North Carolina.

The quality teachers training is an important tool to the successful of the early childhood development and education program. Dreaming for Change, in partnership with the Americas Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund and some early childhood professionals from the USA, train preschool and primary school teachers virtually on child development, early learning, health and nutrition. 

we use the “family as teachers” model

It makes a huge difference to visit homes and to engage families in their child’s education.

The “Family as Teachers” model creates a family-school partnership to improve parental participation and cooperation in children’s education. The program enables teachers visit children and parents in their households to discuss about child growth and development. Because many parents did not attend school, the Preschool teachers provide parents with culturally appropriate suggestions about activities they can do with their children at home. Developing positive relationships between home and school can only benefit children, their families, and teachers themselves.

Children are provided with a nutritious meal, critical to developing bodies and brains.

All children who attend the preschool had previously attended the porridge program when they were malnourished. To ensure a holistic development of a child, preschoolers are checked by a nurse when they start in the program and have periodic health checks since that time. Nutrition is included in the preschool in four ways:

1. Children receive a healthy meal during their morning at preschool.
2. Children participate in the school garden and learn about growing and eating healthy foods.
3. Teachers will educate parents about health and nutrition.