Our Education program aims to support disadvantaged and impoverished children and young adults to achieve their goals, become independant and rise out of poverty. We do this with a focus on: Early Childhood Education programs, music and culture, girls education and mentorship, teacher training. Dreaming for Change prioritizes girls because they are less likely to be sent to school and educating girls will have the deepest impact on poverty within the community. At D4C Community Preschool, we receive112 children for a school year to our programme (ages 3-6). With eight certified Burundian teachers, four teacher assistants, one school director and four classrooms, catered to different ages and ability.

Our comprehensive approach to quality education

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Preschool

We implement Early childhood education programs that provide education, academic enrichment, healthy nutrition, and cognitive and psychosocial development for children between the ages of 3 to 6.

Teachers training

We are improving education through teachers training. During the training, teachers learn about child development, child guidance, nutrition, health, and emergent math, science, language and literacy, music, and art.

We are grateful to our USA friends, from Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University, who have volunteered their time to train our Preschool teachers.

Family as Teachers program

Family as teachers program enables teachers visit children and parents in their homes to teach about child growth and development. They will provide parents with culturally appropriate suggestions about activities they can do with their children at home. Developing positive relationships between home and school can only benefit children, their families, and teachers.

Girls Education

Through our Girls Scholarship Fund, we directly supports D4C beneficiaries with their high school studies. Selected students receive a full scholarship which pays for everything relating to their studies, tuition and school supplies. We also provide them sanitary pads and mentorship enabling them to really focus on their education.

Music and culture

We offer drum lessons and cultural dance skills to the children and young adults. They are very proud to be able to learn traditional drumming and demonstrate their skills at different ceremonies or community events. This program enhances social cohesion and mutual respect between young people.

Our Impact

112 Children

attend the Preschool program and they have access to nutritious meal and early learnings.

56 Children

have already graduated from our Preschool and they are currently in Primary school.

90 High school girls

have been mentored and sponsored to pursue their high school education.

32 Teachers

have been trained on ECD. Some of the teachers are public teachers and others belong to Dreaming for Change.

37 Children and 40 young adults

have been trained  in cultural dances and traditional instruments especially Drumming.