Rural girls scholarship program

Educating girls is the most powerful force to transform society, and the way to break cycles of poverty in Burundi.

The overall objective of the program is to advance the quality education for marginalized girls by providing them with school fees, school supplies, sanitary pads and mentorship to help them stay in school and develop their life goals. Every school, we support 45 girls.

The program targets marginalized adolescent girls in high school, girls who are not attending school and those at risk of dropping out. Together with the help of donors, parents, guardians and teachers, Dreaming for Change fights against child marriage in Butanuka by building girls’ self-confidence and self-efficacy which they need to thrive. The program coordinator schedules safe regular meeting that allows girls to meet with peers and share experiences which can reduce their sense of isolation and vulnerability.

girls need lights to BE ABLE TO read their textbooks and study in the evening