Educating girls is the way to break cycles of poverty in Burundi

The “Rural Girls Scholarship” program seeks to facilitate sustainable and innovative interventions that improve access to education for girls. Dreaming for Change provides scholarship and mentorship for 45 high school girls annually to build sustainable, independent futures, ensuring they are not vulnerable to violence and abuse. The selected girls in Butanuka are supported with tuition, text and exercise books, uniforms and sanitary pads and they’re also provided a space to come and read books within D4C’s center.

Each girl receive a chargeable solar lamp. We also cover their tuition and school materials.
Girls participate in mentorship sessions from successful women in business, education and politics
Girls have access to reusable sanitary pads and menstrual education sessions

Supporting girls’s education through College and University

Dreaming for Change is expanding its girls scholarship program by supporting hardworking girls who successfully completed a national test and ready for university studies or college. In 2023, two girls successfully completed high school and they need your support to continue their university studies.

What does it cost to support a high school girl for one year?

  1. $35 will cover full tuition and sanitary pads for one girl in one year;
  2. $27 cover uniform and school materials for one girl
  3. $60 will cover a tutoring fee for one girl for one month;

What does it cost to support a university student for one year?

  1. $360 will cover a one year tuition for a university program;
  2. $500 will cover a one time cost for a laptop;
  3. $1050 provides a yearly house rent and food for one girl pursuing university studies in Bujumbura.

I want to study midwifery or nursery….

Since I was a primary school student, I dreamt of continuing my studies until I get a PhD because I grew up in hardship life and I wanted to become a person who’d use education to change my community. Dreaming for Change supported me till I graduated from high school.

I lost my dad when I was four and my mother left me when I was 7. I was raised by my aunt who taught me how to become a responsible girl. If I get financial support I want to do my university studies specifically in midwifery or nursing. 

I want to become an audio visual technician

We’re eight children in a family and my dad left us when I was seven. We were raised by mum and she struggled alot to afford my high school tuition. I was then accepted by Dreaming for Change in its scholarship program and today I have completed my high school education.

If I get a chance to pursue my studies, I would like to do audio visual technology. I was born in rural Butanuka and I never saw a female technician in media so I want to become one.