Community Health and Nutrition

Dreaming for Change has been feeding hungry and malnourished children since February 2019 through its Porridge Program. Since then, hundreds of malnourished children have come from greater distances in the nine villages of Butanuka zone to benefit nutritious porridge at D4C center. Last year, in 2022, we started to treat acute malnutrition among children that are vulnerable and orphans at risk through provision of nutritious porridge made through locally available ingredients.

We use fortified porridge, nutrition health&education, kitchen gardens and rabbit rearing model to fight acute malnutrition with the support of “Light Mothers”.

Home visits and screening campaigns are organized by our Nurse supported by the Light mothers and CHWs in the villages.

We provide fortified porridge to malnourished children on Mondays-Tuesdays-Wednesdays and Fridays.

In partnership with health centers, D4C provides medication(amoxicillin and Albendazole) to ensure quality of outpatient care for children with severe acute malnutrition.