The overall objective of this program is to reduce poverty, fight malnutrition and food insecurity crisis among household farmers in rural Burundi by providing modern agricultural techniques based on growing nutritious food and protecting the soil. We believe that well-fed people create stable communities, perform well in schools and take advantage of the opportunities to end the poverty in their households

Dreaming for Change equips impoverished farmers and families with the skills, tools and seeds to produce life-sustaining crops through agricultural innovations. We believe that every woman and child both  deserve a happy and healthy life. We are committed to provide families in Burundi with improved access to essential health and nutrition services.

We are addressing malnutrition in a holistic manner

Nutritional porridge

Children living in rural areas face a particular vulnerability to food insecurity and hunger; however, the feeding program has positively help many children including lactating women overcome their malnutrition.

Food preparation and nutrition education

We provide nutrition education to parents through the on-site demonstration garden and we are now establishing the on-site kitchen and refectory to equip the community with a better knowledge of best nutritional habits and sustainable farming skills.

Kitchen gardens

This is a proven approach that enhances a household food security and well-being. After gaining new confidence and skills on nutrition, then families plant their kitchen gardens that are intended to grow and produce food items for family consumption.

Health and Nutrition Program Impact

748 Children and lactating Women

have received nutritious porridgge in the feeding program.

112 Preschool students

receive a daily nutritious meal.

275 Community members

have participated in the nutrition training and sustainable farming skills.

275 Kitchen gardens

have been planted in the households and still they are maintained well.