Investing in girls education, transforms rural communities

Why this program in Butanuka?

A few days ago a 14 year old girl was hanging around the feeding center. Janvier asked her why she wasn’t in school. She told him that her father refused to pay the fees so she could no longer attend school. Barry was standing nearby and Janvier translated the conversation. Barry asked how much it would cost to keep her in school for the year. The answer was six dollars a term, or a total of $18 for the year. Barry said he would pay her fees if she would stay in school. The girl needed to come back the next week and let Janvier know whether or not she wanted to stay in school. Thus was born the seed of the Rural Girls’ Scholarship Program. 

The Rural Girls’ Scholarship Program provides:

1. school fees for three terms each year.

2. school supplies each August.

3. sanitary products that allow girls to attend school.

4. a lighted room where girls can safely study in the evening.

5. mentoring to help the girls stay in school and develop life goals.