We use Porridge and Nutrition Education models to fight acute malnutrition with the support of “Light Mothers”.

Dreaming for Change has been feeding hungry and malnourished children since February 2019 through its Porridge Program. Since then, hundreds of malnourished children have come from greater distances in the nine villages of Butanuka zone to benefit nutritious porridge at D4C center. Children living in rural communities of Butanuka face a particular vulnerability to food insecurity and hunger; however, the feeding program has positively help many children including lactating women overcome their malnutrition.  Currently Dreaming for Change serves a daily (five days a week) nutritional porridge to 450 children who come from the places where accessing healthy and affordable food can be a challenge. Mothers reported that this program gave a second chance to their children to survive because they’re now recovering from stunting and the results are beautiful. Every child is weighed regularly and D4C keeps track of their growth.


The “Light Mothers” approach puts mothers at the center of malnutrition screening to ensure they detect earlier the signs of malnutrition so they can provide nutrition education to other mothers in the community.

Their role is not just preparing nutritious porridge but they also work with D4C’s Health and Nutrition program coordinator to identify the malnourished children, and make home visits to teach households how to recover from malnutrition or how to best cook the food that is rich nutrients.

We also partners with the local health centers to provide outpatients support to children with severe malnutrition. D4C provides medication


In collaboration with local health centers, D4C introduced the “management of acute malnutrition model” by targeting children with moderate and severe malnutrition living in Butanuka.

Dreaming for Change has started to treat acute malnutrition among children that are vulnerable and orphans at risk through provision of nutritious porridge made through locally available ingredients. In partnership with a public health center located in Butanuka, D4C provides medication (amoxicillin and Albendazole but Vitamin A is donated by the health center) to ensure quality of outpatient care for children with severe acute malnutrition.